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Honey is made by bees by combining nectar from flowers with an enzyme, then concentrating it by fanning away the excess water with their wings. Honey is used in a number of forms by humans, including but not limited to: The most beneficial honey is raw (unpasteurized) natural honey. Wax is produced by bees and is used as a structural feature in their hives. Bees collect their young and store pollen and honey in their wax comb. Humans can make balms and salves out of beeswax and other materials for a number of uses, including moisturising skin and treating wounds. We may also use it to produce fragrant candles. Royal jelly is a special food made by bees for their queens and the larvae they raise to become new queens. It contains antioxidants as well as vitamins B5 and B6. Humans have used it medicinally to treat hypertension, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and menopausal symptoms, among other ailments. Propolis is an underappreciated bee commodity. Bees make it by combining honey with tree resin and using it to close tiny holes in their hive. Propolis has been used by humans for its antimicrobial qualities and to aid in the healing of wounds. Many potential uses are still being investigated by scientists.

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