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Science & Tech in Beekeeping

We use innovative technologies which increase the efficiency of the apiary.
Our large beekeeping farms are equipped with lifting equipment, tractors,
multi-frame electric extractors, special centrifuges to produce wax, furnaces
for melting wax, and machines for packing honey. As the modern beekeeping
is becoming increasingly widespread with the use of mobile apiaries. The
values of this method are as follows:

● Delivery of the hives to the place of honey picking increases the harvest
of honey; the bees do not spend time and energy on flights from the
fields to the hive.
● Compact placement of hives.
● Easy to inspect frames.
● A beekeeper can transport trailer with hives, to work with the bees
without the smoker and masks.
● Mobile apiary improves the pollination of crops, increasing their
Keeping honey bees for honey production is more than a hobby or a career for
us, it’s an important part of the agricultural industry and the benefits of
beekeeping go beyond honey’s culinary delights. CoreDesi knows that Bees
are an important component of a healthy environment and help our farmers
pollinate their crops. They also produce other commodities as well, including
beeswax, propolis, pollen pellets, royal jelly, and bee venom. We keep the
Hive tidy. Although you may find it surprising, keeping a clean area around
our hives has the potential to keep both the farmers and our bees safe. We
don't leave empty hive boxes, old frames or chunks of comb lying
around—each of these honey-scented objects has the potential to attract
skunks, raccoons and even bears.

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