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What is Ethical Beekeeping ? How Jim Corbett Natural Produce Prevents the richness of raw honey, How Ethical Bee Keepers Balanced Eco-System ?

We have been promoting sustainable and “balanced” organic beekeeping practices so as to retain total control of the product quality while not harming the bees’ ecosystem.

CoreDesi believes that how we extract honey from bees is indeed representative of how we approach agriculture in the first place, and radical reimagining of beekeeping could help lead us to better agricultural practices overall. So, we are ​aware of the many different diseases to which bees are susceptible and beekeeping is like a hobby to us. But, in order to take off any extra honey from the hive, we do that pretty ethically too. We have a really healthy, strong colony of bees and keep them as healthy as possible. It’s ethical to let them have their own honey that’s made from nectar of flowers.

How do we perform thus?

Well, as being ethical beekeeping practitioners we take honey in the Spring, after the bees have already eaten what they need for the winter. It is considered excess that they can quickly replace and so does no real harm to the bees themselves. However, keeping bees isn’t really the answer to saving the bees, it’s more beneficial to plant as many bee-friendly flowers as you can. They love spring fruit, horse chestnuts, early willows on which to grow their larvae and hatch babies in the spring, then they’ll move onto fruit blossom, then lime trees. Their favourite flowers are tiny ones like forget-me-nots.

Ethical Consumer’s Honey Best Buys

If we want to encourage a more sustainable approach to bee-keeping, we need to think of honey in a different way – a special occasion treat or natural remedy.

As bee-keepers, we practise balanced bee-keeping. Basically, a healthy environment needs bees — but not honeybees. The way we’re managing honeybees, in these hives, has nothing to do with nature conservation. It’s like honeybees are the portal — the door to much larger issues, conservation issues in general. Concern for honeybees helped more people understand why it’s important to have more land covered with wildflowers and trees — and free from pesticides; same as how CoreDesi is doing.

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